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Account Terms & Conditions

These Terms of Use apply to BackLash membership services offered through our website (https://www.backlash.co.jp/e/).

Article1 (Definitions)
1) [Our services]
"Our services" means the website for the purpose of selling sports equipment, health-related products and related products.The provision of the mail service and other serevices through our website specified in article 3 are included.
"Members" refers to individuals who have agreed to these terms of use, followed the steps specified by us to complete the registration, and got accounts approved by us.

Article2(Scope of this tems, Changes to this terms)
1)These Terms of Use are apply to our company and all members . When using our services, members shall comply with the Terms of Use.
2) We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to update, change or replace any part of these Terms of Use.Unless specified otherwise in these Terms of Use, at the time updates and changes are posted to our website, update mails are send or the notice is given to members, we assume that all the members have agreed to the new Terms of Use.In case of unforeseen circumstances that cause disadvantage to third parties, we will change the Terms of Use without waiting for the period mentioned above.

Article3 ( Membership Registration)
1)Follow the steps below and the process separately specified by us to register for membership.If you are a minor, you need the consent of your parents or legal guardian.
2)Required fields for registration
a. Name
Please enter your real name correctly.
You can't sign up for membership with your pen name or corporate name.
b. E-mail address
Use your e-mail address.
You can't sign up for membership with another person's e-mail address. If you share your e-mail address with someone else, you need his /her consent to register for membership. Even in this case, the only person who can use this membership service is the person who signed up.
c. Address
You can't sign up for membership with a work or school address, or Post Office box. Use your current home address.
d. Phone number
You can't sign up for membership with your workplace phone number, school phone number, or call center phone number. Use your home phone number, your cell phone number, or your PHS number .
2. We may not enter into a membership agreement with you or cancel your membership after your registration if any of the following applies.
1) If you have had your membership revoked in the past due to violation of the Terms of Use.
2)If there is any false statement, error or missing in the contents of registration.
3)If you don't use your personal name but use a corporate name or group name to register.
4)We may not enter into a membership contract with you if any of the following applies.

a. If a minor, an adult ward, a person under curatorship or a person under assistance registered for membership without the consent of his/her legal representative.
b.The registration information provided by you is found to be false.
c. If you use any device, software or routine to interfere with the proper working of the Site or any transaction being conducted on the Site.
d.If you violate these terms of use.
e. If we deem any members to be inappropriate as a member.
f. If you meet the conditions mentioned above, your membership will be suspended or withdrawn.If you get your membership revoked, you will need to pay us all amounts you owe us immediately.The payment you already paid will not be refunded after it is revoked.

A.a. Newsletter
1)1)Our newsletter(Mail service) is free.
We only send our mail service to personal email addresses.
2)Prohibited acts
You agree to comply with laws and respect rules for internet etiquette.The following acts are strictly prohibited when using this mail service.
a.Acts in violation of the law.
b.Acts that violate public order and morality.
c.Acts that cause or likely to cause detriment to other members or third parties.
d.Acts of slander against other members or third parties.
e.Acts that infringe or are likely infringe upon the copyrights, portrait rights or intellectual property rights of other members or third parties.
f. Election campaign or other similar activities.Acts that violate the law such as public office election law.
g. Acts that would interfere with or disrupt our services or business.
h. Acts for the purpose of doing business or making profits which are no approved by us.
"i. Provide false information when you create your account or false responses to survey questions." j. Duplicate account registration.
k. Acts that violate these Terms of Use.
l. Unauthorized access or acts that cause or likely to cause destruction of information we hold.
n.Impersonate anyone else when you use membership service.
o. Link our membership service URL to other websites or data in a way that is not permitted by us.
"p.Acts that infringe or are likely infringe upon the property or privacy of our company or third parties."
q. Acts that cause or lilely cause disadvantage or damage to our company or third parties.
r. Acts that damage the honor or credibility of our company or third parties.
"s. Acts of use or provision of harmful programs such as computer viruses or acts that are likely to do so."
u. Any other acts we deem inappropriate.
3)Change, modification or termination of our mail service
We reserve the right to change, modify or terminate our mail service without a prior notice to the members at any time.
"You can stop using our mail service by closing your account.If you withdraw from membership(Including members forced to withdraw), you will lose all rights to use our mail service. "
"4) Disclaimer ・Limitation clauses We do not guarantee the accuracy and completeness of the information we send through our mail service.You agree to indemnify us, or our affiliated companies, officers and employee from and against any and all liabilities arising out of troubles such as infringement on third parties' rights or other members' rights resulting from your use of the service."

1)Only members can use the services. Apply for membership in accordance with Article 3. You will get your membership at the time you apply for it.However we reserve the right to limit access to our services in our sole discretion.
2) Update BackLash ID personal information
"If your personal information that you used to create an account change, you must update your account information."
"3) If you don't update your personal information and don't receive correspondence from us, we assume that you recieved them."

Article5(Handling of personal information)
"We will not disclose any personally identifiable information provided by you to any third parties except under the following circumstances."
a. You agree that BackLash may disclose your personal information to that third parties, police or related agencies when you are deemed to have caused disadvantage to third parties.
"b. We can disclose personal information provided by you for law enforcement purposes when disclosure is by a court, the public prosecutors office, a law enforcement institution, a bar association or the consumer affairs bureau. "
"2) The information you provided when you create your account or use our services will be kept in our database.Your personal data will be used by us to send email newsletter or other promotional emails.You may choose to stop receiving them from us.If you want to stop it, submit a request for us to stop it."
"3) Our website uses cookies in order to provide services to you.You can refuse to accept cookies by activating the setting on your browser which allows you to refuse the setting of cookies, but it may limit your use of some functionality, such as loging into membership account.
We are not responsible for any losses and troubles resulting from the cookie restriction and blocking of cookies set by our website."

Article6 (BackLash ID and password management)
"1)You are entirely responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the information you hold for your account, including your password and ID.We cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with these obligations."
2)Lending or transferring BackLash ID or password
"You may not transfer or lend your BackLash ID or password to third parties under any circumstances.Account holder is the only person who can use our services.
We will not bear any responsibility for any loss or damage caused by the actions. "
3) BackLash ID or Password Sharing
"Do not share your ID or password with anyone for any reason. Only the registered person can use them."
"4)You shall be liable for any damage arising from the inadequate management, misuse, or use by a third party of the ID and password of you, and we shall not be held liable in any way whatsoever for any such damage.
If we suffer losses due to these actions, you will be responsible for reparation costs. "

Article7(Responsibilities of Members)

"You shall comply with the articles specified separately in this Terms of Use and the following terms."
1) You may not use our services for any unauthorized purpose.
" 2) You should not infringe or may infringe on the copyright, trademark right or other rights of the information we provide.
" 3) You shall comply with the procedure and security prescribed by us when transmitting your information to us for the use of the services.In the event of default of such compliance, we have no responsibility for any consequence caused by it.
"4) You may not assign the membership right to a third party or cause a third party to use such right or use the right for sales transactions, transfer of the title, establishment of the right of pledge or putting up otherwise as security."
5)The following acts or acts that are likely to be so are strictly prohibited when accessing or using the services.
a. Acts in violation of the law or acts that violate public order and morality
"b. Acts that cause or likely to cause disadvantage to other members or third parties or acts of slander against other members or third parties."
c. Election campaign or acts similar to that
d. Acts of interfering with our services
e. Acts for commercial purposes
f. Unauthorized use of a credit card
g. Unauthorized use of ID or password
h. Any other acts we deem inappropriate.

Article8(Closure of your account)
"1)You can submit a request for us to close your account.When we complete the account closure process, your account is closed."
2)Once your account is closed, you will lose any reward points you have.You cannot redeem your reward points after closing your account.
3)No refund after account closure. If you close your account, you will lose any member rewards or other rights.Also, you shall consent not to acquire the claim right and other rights related to the Service and our company.
4)Before you close you account, you will need to pay us all amounts you owe us immediately.
5) Once an account holder has passed away, their accounts are no longer valid.

Article9(BackLash ID personal information management system and policy)
"We will handle the personal information obtained through our services according to the following terms."
1) Chief privacy Officer
Atsushi Teramachi
2) Collecting and Using Personal information
To provide BackLash services to users and personal authentication for providing services.
"3)Fields that are necessary to provide our services are marked with ""Required"" on the personal information registration page.If you do not complete the required fields, we will be unable to offer you our services.Optional fields are marked with ""Optional"".
Optional fields that are not filled out will not create disadvantage to you.Basically, We only require the minimum amount of personal information that is necessary to provide our services."
4) Disclosure of personal information to third parties
Without the prior consent of the person providing personal information, we will not disclose personal information to third parties.When we disclose it with the prior consent of the person, we will make clear the purposes of use of it. Except as expressly provided in 5-1).
"5) We shall manage and use personal information you give us within the scope of the purpose of use specified in the Privacy Policy."

Article 10 Terms and conditions of online purchases at http://www.backlash.co.jp/e/
1) Members may purchase products or services by using the services.
"2) When purchasing products or applying for use of the services, you shall make an order or application in accordance with the method specified by us. "
"3) The sales contract is concluded at the time the "" Order confirmation mail"" is sent to the purchaser.However this shall not apply if we receive a credit card default notification from the credit card company. "
4) Notwithstanding the conditions of the preceding paragraph, we reserve the right to cancel the sales contract if we find an inappropriate act or improper behavior with regard to the use of the Service.

To verify the identity of the organization and to prevent the information from being intercepted, interfered or altered, this website uses the SSL server certificate. You can check the verification results of server certificate by clicking Secured Seal.