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Shopping Guide


Payment methods and Shipping charge
You can use a credit card on your PayPal account or bank transfer through a PayPal payment.
This is a secure and safe online payment method.
You will need to pay a temporary shipping fee to ensure a smooth shipment.
We will refund you via PayPal if there is a surplus shipping fee.
If it is not enough, we will charge you additionally via PayPal.

【Credit Card】
Various credit cards are accepted.
The following cards can be used.
[ VISA , MASTER , AMEX , UC , MASTER , Diners , UnionPay ]
Our store uses "ZEUS online payment".
Please rest assured that this is a secure and quick authentication system. (3D secure specification)
In the case of card payment, after the payment is completed, you will receive a payment confirmation email from Zeus Co., Ltd.
in addition to the payment confirmation email from our store.
Please check the payment details.

For inquiries regarding credit, please contact the credit card authentication center of Zeus, our credit card payment agency.

To ensure smooth shipping, you will need to pay a temporary shipping fee.
If there is excess shipping charge, we will adjust the credit card payment amount and issue a refund.
If the shipping fee is insufficient, we will charge you additionally via credit card after customer approval.
About Shipping charge


●Your order will be shipped by DHL, Fedex, EMS, or e-packet. You can choose your preferred shipping method.

Shipping charges are calculated based on the weight and dimensions of your package and your location.
(However, DHL and Fedex require additional fees such as fuel surcharges and high season surcharges.)

In addition, if the package is large or heavy, an additional shipping fee will be added.
We will notify you by email if additional shipping charges are required.

【DHL Shipping Rates】


◎ DHL Remote Are Surcharge
DHL applies a surcharge per shipment when the delivery destination location is remote. Remote is defined as distant islands and highlands, a postal code, suburb or town that is difficult, inaccessible or infrequently served.

◎ DHL Oversize Surcharge
A fixed surcharge is applied to every piece with a single dimension in excess of 120cm.

【FedEx Shipping Rates】


◎ ■Shipping cost calculation■
Fedex delivery charges vary according to destination, weight and size. So it's difficult to list like DHL's shipping charges.

【EMS Shipping Rates.】


EMS is the fastest international mail service for sending up to 30 kg of documents and merchandise simply and conveniently to over 120 countries and territories worldwide.

EMS can only deliver items up to a maximum length of 1.5m. (There are also differences depending on the delivery country.) Short 2-piece rods can be shipped at a great value, but 1-piece rods are almost impossible to ship.

Shipping Rate schedule (EMS:All Zones)
Please see the countries we can ship to.

【Small Packet Shipping Rates】

Small Packet

Small Packet is a service that allows you to send small parcels up to 2 kg cheaply overseas.
It has the advantage of being able to deliver packages to various countries and regions around the world more speedily and at a reasonable price than EMS.

Features of international Small Packet

・Small items up to 2kg can be sent cheaper than EMS (International Express Mail).
・It will be handled as airmail.
・In addition to tracking in some countries, there is also compensation up to 6000 yen.

Please see the countries we can ship to.
For Small Packet, please check the Air column of Letter-post.

About Japanese Consumption Tax
Japanese consumption tax will only be charged to customers residing in Japan.